One of the biggest challenges and worries of the current generation of young adults is having to pay for their student loans. Thousands of dollars are owed by the students because of the high price of college courses. So, it would only be right to try to save as much money as they can before even entering the university. One way to do that is by taking AP classes during high school.

AP classes are high school courses that can be credited as units taken at the university level. This way, they won’t have to spend a lot of money on some general education classes when they enter college. It seems like a great way to combat the looming student loans. However, it is easier said than done. This opportunity does not just get handed over to students on a silver platter. As mentioned before, it can be credited as a college course, which only means that it is a lot harder than any regular high school subject.

Taking AP classes requires a lot more time and effort studying for the class. At the end of the semester, there will be an accreditation test to see if the students will get the class credited when they go to their respective universities. This is called the AP testing, and it requires students to have at least a 4 or 5 on the test. It’s all about finding the right studying techniques and materials to pass the test.

AP English Language and Composition is an AP class that is most likely applicable to any university in the US because all freshmen college students are required to take a freshman composition class. Once taken, high school seniors will be exposed to English as a subject in a college environment. But what materials and techniques should be studied when taking the AP test?

A great resource for reviewing for the AP English test is This website provides the necessary materials to pass the AP English Language and Composition Exam at the end of the semester. They provide a review book that includes tips and tricks on how to answer correctly each of the questions that might come up on the AP test.

Most exams have examination patterns that test makers follow. This may be because it is easier to change the test material on an annual basis without having to start from scratch. Students should be able to take advantage of this by understanding how the pattern works. According to, the AP English Language and Composition Exam consist of two sections:  multiple-choice and free-response sections.

This AP exam review website provides tips on how to go about these patterns so that students will be able to answer them accurately. They also give advice on how to do self-study with the use of a review book that they provide. The materials and techniques that they make available on their website will be able to help students know what to review for the AP English exam